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I saw one facebook status that said “i like harry potter…im a nerd.”  Sorry, but I think the level of intellect needed to enjoy Harry Potter is not high enough to be considered nerdy.  In effect, this girl is calling herself stupid.  And why does “nerd” have such a negative connotation?  Has our society has devolved to the point where liking books makes one nerdy or is one of my facebook friends simply retarded?  Hopefully, the answer is the latter.


Macho Macho Man

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After 8th grade, something changed in me that actually started to enjoy certain amounts of physical pain.  I’m not saying I’m a masochist, I’m just talking about the physical pain that accompanies exerting oneself.  As an example, recently I’ve started trying to run more, and after making the switch to running on the grass, I’ve been able to go rather consistently without getting shin splints.

I don’t run very long, but when I do there’s usually a set pattern that takes place.  The first few minutes always suck, my legs don’t want to move, I run out of breath immediately, but once those first minutes pass and my legs loosen up, everything kind of just dulls into a mild pain in my lungs.  The awesome thing is that after about 10 minutes or so, the endorphins are really pumping and my stride gets a little bit longer and a little bit faster and I feel like I can go forever.  From this point on, it oscillates between feeling really good and realizing how much things hurt.

It’s the pain of the activity that tells me I’m actually exerting myself.  If something is too easy, then I don’t feel like I’m working.  I think this is subconsciously why I have such bad study habits, because if I’m not actively struggling against tiredness and deadlines, I don’t feel like I’m working.  In some cases, this is a good thing.  Like in terms of physical activity, once things start hurting is when I feel good knowing that I’m accomplishing something.  Plus there’s something invigorating about the actual pain that’s there.

There are some very bad consequences of this, besides the fact that everyone reading this thinks I’m some kind of masoquistic weirdo (trust me, I’m not.  I hate the sight of blood and the thought of breaking bones grosses me out to no end).  The past couple summers, I didn’t work and instead went on a missions trip to Mexico and this summer I’ve been helping out at a summer school my church runs.  Every once in a while, I think about how screwed I am in terms of funding for the upcoming school year (I still feel like I’m feeling the pinch from not working last summer), but as a whole, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade what I’m doing now or what I did last summer for any job I could have had.  Yet though I enjoy it, there’s also little physical pain associated with it.  To be honest, sometimes I was surprised at how physically easy my missions trip to Mexico was.  Sure, there were many uncomfortable parts, but I think the most painful thing that happened physically was spraining my ankle and bug bites (there were men with guns but they never got us).  In summer school, the worst thing that’s happened to me was a girl pinched me so I now have two hairline cuts in my arm.  I also got hit in the nuts while playing at the gym once.  But in these activities, when there’s no pain of physical exertion, I feel guilty because I don’t feel like I’m actually doing real work.  A lot of times, this contributes to feelings of uselessness or just overall feelings of laziness.

I know that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying work and we just had a Bible study on this.  Also, right now I need to go to bed so this entry will be finished on another part.  Feel free to leave some thoughts behind.

Long Hair

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I like it on girls, I don’t like it on myself.  Especially when it’s curly and can resemble a bird’s nest.  Fun.  So I’m currently looking for some clippers.

Fun Quotes from CFC Summer School:

[When not bowling very well]
Me:  Dang it.
BJ:  Mr. Steve, are you having fun?
Me:  Yeah, I am BJ
BJ:  Then that’s all that matters!

SY [in FOB accent]:  Meester Suhteeb.  You have guhlprend?
Me:  Um, no?
SY:  You want guhlprend?
Me:  Can you ask Miss Sarah these questions?

Later on with SY…
SY:  You want daughter?  You want son?

G:  What’s your last name?
Me:  Ok
G:  Are you Korean?
Me:  My parents are
[The next day]
G:  I asked my mom and she said she never heard of a Korean with the last name “Ok!”

K:  Do you know any Korean music?
Me:  I know Nobody by Wondergirls
K:  Oh!  [Starts singing]
K:  Do you know tell me?
Me:  How does that go?
K:  Tell me, tell me, t-t-t-t-t-t-tell me

Yay fun!  Most conversations seem centered around the fact that I don’t look Korean and I have gray hair.