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Cuz I’m From the Streets of Compton

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I love rap music.  Love it love it love it.  I know that anyone who has had any form of contact with me in the last couple weeks or so knows how kpop has taken over my life, but I still will never embrace Korean “rap.”  Why?  Hip-hop is from the streets, it’s from black culture, it’s from jazz, it’s from everything that’s not Korean.  For a Korean to rap, in my mind, is to completely disrespect the movement.

This is my favorite rap song.  ever.

That’s the unedited version so you can listen to it the way I like to listen to it and the way that I memorized it.

Why do I like this song so much?

It was my senior year of high school.  My last year on the swim team.  That year, we had this tradition of being loud, brash, and ruining anyone’s fun so we could have our own.  During our conference meet, the last meet of the season and the last meet ever for some of us, we went all out.  Someone brought a boombox and we proceeded to take over the locker room and everything else that happened will probably make you judge me (more than the song above will).

While on the bus ride home, we were blasting this song, everyone was singing along and I remember looking around at this crazy amalgamation that was assembled.  There were kids that were labeled as druggies laughing next to nerds.  There were kids that would never graduate community college trading jokes with honor roll students.  Kids teachers hated singing along next to kids a teacher would never get in trouble.  It really was the most bizarre gathering of people ever.  For no reason would these people have any reason to associate with each other yet here was this group of people willing to go to hell and back for the person sitting next to them.  I thought about my start as the worst swimmer in school history, how the past four years had changed me and how now, it was finally all coming to an end.

I cried.

I wasn’t the only one.  There were guys who got moved down from varsity to swim with us who were, inexplicably, crying.  One of them explained it as “I never knew what it was like to be there for each other as team until this meet.  We always used to make fun of you guys for saying “JV for life,” but now I’m saying it too.”

To this day, that was probably one of the most bizarre moments of my life.  A bus full of guys hugging each other and crying while singing/screaming “Forgot about Dre” at the top of their lungs.

I think church should look more like that bus than like the ones most of us go to now.  People coming in, sitting next to someone and saying “wow, were it not for Jesus there is absolutely no reason why I would even associate with you, but now I call you my brother.”


Two Roads Diverged…

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I think I know what I want to do…

…but I appear to be going in the wrong direction.

Interesting, this is.


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While riding my bike I crashed into a trash can.  I also ran a red light and almost crashed into a car/semi-hydroplaned into it.

God might show me grace but he never gave me any.  Or He showed me common grace but not common sense.




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This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while…


The Office…

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…must end…

…while it’s still good…

…and before it becomes…



Basic Christianity Excerpt

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Yet the way to be sure is not just to feel sure.  Most people who are at the beginning of their Christian life make this mistake.  They rely too much on their superficial feelings.  One day they feel close to God; the next day they feel estranged from him again.  And since they imagine that their feelings accurately reflect their spiritual condition, they fall into a frenzy of uncertainty.  Their Christian life becomes a precarious switch-back ride as they soar to the heights of elation, only to plunge again into the depths of depression.

This erratic experience is not God’s purpose for his children.  We have to learn to mistrust our feelings.  They are extremely variable.  They change with the weather, with circumstances and with our health.  We are fickle creatures of whim and mood, and our fluctuating feelings often have nothing to do with our spiritual progress.

The basis of our knowledge that we are in relationship with God is not our feelings, but the fact that he says we are.  The test we are to apply to ourselves is objective rather than subjective.  We are not to grub around inside ourselves for evidence of spiritual life, but to look up and out and away to God and his word.

– John R.W. Stott

I should just switch to tumblr…



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Me and my mom used to get into lots of arguments.  Everything from the tone I’d use to her when I talked to me just not doing what she told me to do.  Things have mellowed considerably over the past few years but I do remember the last command she gave me.  It was last year and I was telling her how I’d be coserving during the school year.  So she told me something along the lines of “you know, just because you’re going to be leading other people it doesn’t mean you can neglect your own spiritual life.”

For some reason, this semester has been insanely busy.  There’s always something to do, be it big or small.  I’d compare the level of busyness to my 2nd semester junior year where I took 17 hours (Accy 303/304, Fin300, BADM449, BADM300…that’s 3 weed out classes and 2 core classes and 4 different class groups to meet), had 14 hours of work, and went on SMP.  Since I’ve reached the halfway point of this semester and haven’t ended up in the hospital yet, I’d say I’m handling it a little bit better, but I’m going to add 9 more hours of class from next week on out.  I don’t even know why this semester seems so busy, there’s definitely way less stuff to do, maybe it’s just because I’m actually putting forth effort in school?  Who knows….

This semester, I definitely have not been following my mom’s advice and I have no idea how I’ll manage when next week starts.  Maranatha?


Monosodium Glutabull Crap

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Everyone complains about MSG.

This book (or it might have been this one) explains that MSG in moderation is not bad for you.

Wikipedia links to multiple studies done to prove that MSG does not make you feel any worse than a placebo.  Renowned food scientist Harold McGee (his books form the curriculum of the Culinary Institute of America)  says in that same article that MSG in large quantities is not harmful.

Compare that to Raisin Bran which, when consumed in excess, leads to less than healthy results.

So eat your Chinese food and stop being a pansy.


I’m Dumb

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I missed the signup for an interview for a company I could have fit in well at…not saying I would have got it, but I’m not being very smart in trying to get out of here…blah.



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I found the twitter of an old high school friend, he had this tweet I found absolutely hilarious…

If Obama had any class or humility, he’d thank the committee for such an honor, but politely refuse to accept it. Not holding my breath.

He’s pretty conservative, but just to clarify, he’s not some gun toting NRA member, but highly educated, working for a year in Europe, going to Georgetown next year for grad school and since sophomore year of high school has breathed politics.  So before you judge him, just know he could beat you to the ground with his knowledge of U.S. foreign policy and other big ticket issues.

With that out of the way, some other gems from his twitter:

They just gave Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Committee’s statement is pretty vomit-inducing:

If you criticize Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize, you’ve “thrown in your lot with terrorists” according to the DNC.

What’s most amazing, perhaps, is that the deadline for #Nobel nominations was Feb 1. Obama had been president for less than 2 weeks.

It’s always fun to see him get riled up.  We used to work together for group projects in American Lit, and the other kid in our group was some guy who’s now an anarchist going to UofChicago’s law school.  I would casually bring up the war in Iraq then spend the rest of the time laughing as they tore into each other.  Oh high school…. 🙂