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Posted in Uncategorized by starvingsteve on December 19, 2009

My brother joined the swim team for his senior year, making a comeback to the sport after a 2 year hiatus to focus on golf.  Because of this, there is a newsletter on our fridge announcing a “STOTAN Party” for all swimmers.

The concept of STOTAN is simple.  Winter break is when the toughest practices are held, so a special mentality must be adopted.  An attitude where the athlete is Stoic in his approach to his sport,  while his body has a Spartan-like aptitude to endure punishment and pain for the sake of improvement.  A blending of the mind and the body, a fusion of two separate Greek ways of life.  Stoic and Spartan becomes STOTAN and that is how one must approach these dreaded winter break practices.

Of course, this is what gets told to teachers, parents, or any authority figure that has the power to get you in trouble for having something inappropriate written on your shirt.  So when I saw this newsletter where a well meaning parent was hosting a “STOTAN Party” I had to giggle because STOTAN, like many things in life, is not what it seems.

Swim Till Our Testicles Are Numb



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