starving for substance

is this a legit reason?

Posted in Uncategorized by starvingsteve on December 22, 2009

barnes and noble seems to be the only place around here that isn’t absolutely packed with people and gives me enough space to study (the public library is going under massive renovations so a temporary location is set up in a strip mall….i never thought i’d say this but take me back to champaign urbana!).  tragically, the barnes and noble is in a mall.

the mall is a place where really cool middle schoolers like to hang out.  and really cool high schoolers.  o my goodness i love the suburbs.

here’s a potential interview that went through my head:
interviewer: so how did you receive your calling to reach the (insert name of people group who have never heard of electricity)?
me: calling?  naw, i just didn’t want my kids to be douchebags when they grew up….hey sally, stop hitting that chicken we have to eat it later tonight!

or something like that.


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