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Posted in Uncategorized by starvingsteve on December 24, 2009

years ago, some guy named “bayes” tried to prove God existed by means of mathematics.  he failed.  as a result of his failure, he created one of the foundational concepts of probability theory (and the only reason why i’ve heard of this guy to begin with).

epic fail, no? (get it? it’s punny.  har har har)

the man with the highest iq in the world (christopher langan) has his own grand unifying theory of the universe, except this one doesn’t deal with strings, his deals with cognition or something or other.  in all honesty, it sounded too boring to read any further into.  his theory allows for God, souls, and all that other warm fuzzy stuff.

so here’s my question: if God can be proved mathematically or objectively, doesn’t that elevate the method used to prove God above God?  isn’t that why the existence of God isn’t necessarily some scientific fact but something God proves by Himself?

we all start with something and build our system of beliefs from there.  the foundations are important, worldview is important.

actually, that’s wrong.  worldview is everything.

i used to think worldview wasn’t so important, that we all basically fall into the same couple systems of thought, but no.  it’s not just “the more you know” but you have to know what you know and know why you know what you know or else when push comes to shove, you will realize you don’t know anything.

most atheists who call themselves secular humanists are funny people.  they have unwavering faith in their science, they fellowship with other nonbelievers, they read their atheistic texts (sagan, dawkins, henry, sartre, etc), they attend lectures, and they just try and be better people.

most christians who call themselves followers of Jesus are funny people.  they have unwavering faith in their God, they fellowship with other believers, they read their theistic texts (piper, zacharias, packard, grudem, etc), they attend services, and they just try and be better people.

foundationally, we’re all the same in that we long for a foundation.  the sad part is that we who supposedly have the foundation look exactly like those who say their answer is the exact opposite.  if all that separates christianity and atheism is word choice, then sign me up for the latter.  at least the people are nicer.

currently, there’s too much crap in my system.  too much extraneous knowledge with no firm foundation to latch onto.  it’s great to read good books, to go to awesome retreats, to do awesome churchy things, but in the end, self improvement is masturbation and we need to stop masturbating.

what’s the point of growing a tulip when you have no dirt to put it in?

2010 is the year for foundation.


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  1. Hannah said, on December 25, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    if self improvement is masturbation, then what would be foreplay?

    • starvingsteve said, on December 26, 2009 at 2:12 am

      haha i don’t know, you’d have to ask tyler durden

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