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studying part 2

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so my new way of studying is extended metaphor, kinda.  trying to take concepts i’m going over while reviewing and making them into story snippets that i can actually remember.

i’m posting them at

that wasn’t the original intention for that site…but o wells.  a rough outline of some notes are posted right now…hopefully i can condense it into an actual story, hahaha.



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i’ve read three books about fighting in the past month.  most of it was sparked by his one:

which is written by this guy:

who as i said earlier, may be one of the funniest guys on the planet.  i’m not joking either.  that book is literary genius…the author even said so himself.

chalk him up to my list of man crushes.

if you look up the stories of a lot of mixed martial arts fighters, you’ll find some of the most motivating and inspirational stuff you’ll read.  screw you lance armstrong, i want to see you knock a guy out while your arm is broken.  like ^ that guy did once.

like seriously, how can you not like this guy, hahaha


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after 4.5 years of college, i realize i never learned how to study.

in classes where “studying” meant going over practice problems, i did okay on the exams.  mainly because with practice problems, i could understand where i went wrong and how i could fix my mistakes.  plus there was measurable progress and i could tell when i was finally prepared for an exam.

classes that didn’t really need practice problems, i either did well or terribly.  this is because i either knew the material or i didn’t.  unfortunately, all the classes i did terribly in started with the course description “accy.”  while one would think accounting is all numbers, this is a misconception.  accounting is the application of rules to the numbers. a subtle, but major difference.  unfortunately, i really had no idea of what i knew and what i didn’t know.  i also never did any reading assignments.  and since there aren’t many practice problems, most tests i went in with the attitude of “well let’s try this and hope it works.”  i distinctly remember walking out of certain tests and saying to myself “well, if that treatment i made up isn’t according to gaap, i probably failed that exam.”  and it’s pretty hard to simply “make up” accounting standards that are in line with accepted procedures.  needless to say, i did not perform well at all.

upon graduation, i figured that these troubles were forever behind me and i could disguise my weaknesses behind a gpa that miraculously stayed above a 3.0 (don’t ask for my major gpa’s).

o hai cpa.  eff.  (what does “eff” stand for by the way?)

so since my old method of studying (which consisted of skimming everything and hoping it sticks, then spending the next 2 hours complaining about how hard the material is and then saying “i studied for 2.5 hours, hopefully i’m okay”) proved so ineffective for accounting, a new method needed to be used.

stay tuned to find out!


random thought

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the apostrophe is used to show possessiveness (no red line appeared so apparently that’s a word.  huzzah!)

so steve’s computer would mean that the computer is mine.

i kinda got tripped up over the phrase “slave’s owner.”  the apostrophe now seems to mean the exact opposite.


you talkin’ bout practice?

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my mom teaches cello lessons, and so whenever i’m at home i can hear her give lessons.   the level of ability ranges from poor to decent but i’ve come up with a pretty good way of telling which kid is which before even hearing them play.  i don’t even have to look at them.

SORCERY! you will declare, but before you burn me at the stake, let me explain myself.

the bad ones almost always come in with their instrument out of tune.  now, it’s cold out and i know wood contracts in the cold and causes more shifting and whatnot of strings so this theory kind of breaks down in the winter, but usually, the kids who are bad show up with an out of tune instrument.  there are a couple reasons for this:

1.  they’re not playing it.  this is far and away the biggest reason.  you have to practice during the week if you’re going to get better, and the part of practice is tuning your instrument.  when you show up with your instrument out of tune, it usually means you weren’t playing it during the week, and so here we are.  i was guilty of this same thing, i never really practiced, but i was fortunate to have an instrument that never had issues with tuning.

2.  it shows a lack of care.  kind of along these lines, i think i can look at an instrument and tell you what type of performer the player is.  if there is rosin dust all over and the bow is warped (because they don’t loosen it) and the strings have rosin caked onto it, that person probably isn’t a good player.  if someone takes meticulous care of their instrument, then there is usually a strong correlation to how concerned they are about the way they sound.  in the same way, tuning an instrument also reveals how much you actually care about playing.

3.  practice is important.  this goes without saying, but the ones whose instruments go out of tune either aren’t playing them, or aren’t putting proper care into practicing correctly.  practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice does.  so an out of tune instrument means the user isn’t very good…not because they lack talent or ability (anyone can hack at an instrument for a few years and sound decent) but they lack the discipline in the instrument to become good.

that was pretty subjective but i think there’s a line of truth in it somewhere.



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this is so sick.  i really like alicia keys’ voice, even with the rasp.  and jay-z is, well, jay-z.  put them with a sick beat and man.  i really like this one.

i got chills when jay-z came on stage.

does this mean it’s “blessing?”




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one of my favorite quotes from last year

me: why is there a soccer team called the chicago fire?  so insensitive.
kevin: yeah, it’s like having a new orleans hurricanes
me: or the new york…o crap…the new york jets


super duper

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i’ve been struggling spiritually for the past few months.

i’ve been wondering about why the words “joy” and “serving” seem to be mutually exclusive for so many, and finally started to believe i just need to “grind it out.”

i’m thankful for the difficulties in af1 and the amazingness of oil to give me hope for the 1st statement.

i’m thankful for these people for obliterating the lies of the second.  i’m so screwed for any retreat i go to next…these guys set the bar way too high.  i’m actually kinda serious too…these guys were absolutely incredible.  proof of God’s grace is that i got a small group this awesome.

praise God.


reading update!

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so i’ve been reading a butt ton over the past month and so here we go.  not sure if the ~2 people or so who read this (hi hannah!) care for these type of entries, but i like it so i’ll keep doing it, bwa ha ha ha!

to keep things short, i will give one sentence synopses on all.

great food for thought on how americans need to find their new competitive advantage though his quest for purpose is a little too postmodern and incompatible with a christian worldview.

this was recommended in a whole new mind and it’s a brilliant defense of comics as an art form and it really explains comics in a way that make you appreciate the medium so much more.

interesting food for thought but i don’t think this is groundbreaking stuff for many people.

this book proves malcolm gladwell has no innovation in his writing style and the content itself is not worth reading, especially if you’ve read talent is overrated.

this book changed my opinion on mixed martial arts and i’d recommend reading it if you like the sport but declare it a “must read” if you hate it.

another great read, with some seriously great introspection from a harvard grad and wannabe fighter, forever dispelling the myth of the “retarded fighter.”

this surprised me but if you ever thought about missions work to the poor or marginalized and have not read this book, your philosophy is incomplete.  this book deserves to be expounded upon further as it seriously challenged a lot of notions i had about ministry to the poor and the long-term sustainability of those efforts, so i will do that in a later post.

if ya wanna chat about any of those books, hit me up!  😀

now i must read the Bible….hahahahahahah o my



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i recently came into possession of a car.  praise the Lord.  6 years since getting my license and i finally have a car to call my own.  call me worldly, but it’s tough when all your friends get new cars (or at least used luxury cars) and i’m still stuck driving our family’s dilapidated mini-van around town.  so to finally own a car is truly wonderful.

when i first saw this new car, i think jacob had a similar thought in his head when waking up after his first wedding.  “eh?”  my “new” car is actually my grandpa’s old car, a ’97 nissan altima.  however, looks aside, it runs, and for the first time i feel like the teenager with all the freedom in the world except for the fact that i’m 22.  do i have to go grocery shopping?  i can go grocery shopping!  need to give someone a ride?  i’ll give you a ride!  seriously, abuse this while you can folks.  if we’re in the same area code and you need a ride, give me a call.  that being said, my car is ugly.  my car is slow.  everything that is romanticized in cars, mine is not.  but it still has 4 wheels and runs.

so i named it “Leah.”

i went to a youth retreat a couple days ago and the guy who gave me a ride pulled up driving the exact same car that leah is.  what a pleasant surprise!  we spent the next half hour comparing issues (your driver’s side door locks don’t work?? mine too!  wow, your car is loud like mine! oh, that means there’s a hole in the carburetor?  good to know!  has your suspension gone out yet?  has this happened?  what do you do when this happens?).  it was great.  his car has 60k more miles on it than leah so he was able to give me a heads up about some of the problems i have to expect further down the road.  however, he said the one thing about the car is that the engine is solid.  dependable, reliable.  somehow, i wasn’t surprised.  leah is money not where it’s cool to be, but where she needs to be.

today i drove leah for the first time in a week.  she’s spent the past 7 days gathering ice and freezing in the subzero weather.  turning the key, her engine turned over a couple times than roared to life.  dependable.  all my driving the past week has been done in our family’s fairly new honda crv.  that car goes 0 to 60 in maybe 10 seconds.  leah goes 0 to 60 in about 10 minutes.  but she still got me to the store so i could run my errands.

but steve, this blog post is titled “marriage.”  double you tee eff?

i’ve said a lot of things of marriage.  if you actually pay attention, most of them contradict each other (for instance, i ask for hot and holy…zing! apologies to those of you that are).  but i have said my only requirements for a wife is that she’s breathing and that she likes me…yet on the other hand i have a list of “preferences” a mile long.  so what really matters?


no, not my car, silly.

i think every couple at some point in the relationship looks at the other and says “aw crap, leah??”  but the ones that last seem to say “wow, leah!”

that really doesn’t make sense.

land is not a depreciable asset.  improvements to the land are.  when it comes to marriage, you gotta buy the land and not the building.  though a pretty house doesn’t hurt. 😀