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we have more to fear than fear

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seth godin is probably one of my favorite business writers, if you haven’t heard of him, just google his blog.  he packages brilliant ideas into succinct morsels of food for thought.

one such morsel was where he made the point that people are more afraid of criticism than they are of fear.  sure it’s fear of failure and fear of fear that paralyzes people into inaction, but if you dig deeper, people fear those things because they’re afraid to face the jeers of the crowd or criticism from themselves.

this applies to more than just business risk.  it’s this fear of criticism that keeps people within the status quo.  no one wants to be passionate about something by themselves, they’re afraid of what will happen when what they were passionate about fails to deliver.  my brother is obsessed with illini sports.  his facebook statuses abound with overly optimistic hopes of the illini making the rose bowl, making the final four, achieving disproportionate levels of success when compared to this past year’s results.  and after every status, there’s always someone laughing at him, telling him it’s never going to happen, all the standard haterade stuff.  it’s easier to point the finger and laugh when something fails instead of facing the fingers pointed at you.

but it’s the passionate people, however misguided, that make the change in this world.  everyone loves the ghandi quote “be the change you want to see in this world” yet how passionate did ghandi have to be to become that change?  he had to stand up for what he knew was right, took the beatings by himself before people realized he was serious.  in this world, we’re so much more comfortable being attracted to passionate people instead of being passionate people that attract the comfortable.

as passion week starts, i’m being reminded of who i’m supposed to be passionate about.

“give me one hundred men who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and i care not whether they be clergymen or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.” – john wesley


give up

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there’s some book on our bookshelf at home called “give up your simple desires.”  i put it in my brother’s right hand and put a book called “learning to read” in my brother’s left hand and snapped a picture.

but the title of the first still pops up in my mind all these years later.

the problem with simple statements is that you can input whatever deep truth you want and overcomplicate their simplicity.  the brilliance of simple statements is that they do exactly that.

steve, give up your simple desires.

of course God, just like that.  how silly of me to be so worldly.

and of course worldliness is folly.

i remember one sermon from a missions trip in mexico.  just one.  funny enough, it was the sermon where i slept through most of it.  i woke up just in time to hear the pastor make his last point and it’s stuck with me ever since.

elisha is just chilling when his servant runs up to tell him an army is parked outside his house.  elisha tells him to get his eyes checked because his servant clearly can’t see The Army that’s parked a little further down the street.

i always (somewhat facetiously) wondered if the writers of the bible were nihilists, talking about how everything we have here is all for nothing.  i guess now i wonder when i will be able to see.

korean rap makes me laugh

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devoted fans of this blog will remember a korean rap video i posted that depicts what i think is the epitome of korean rap.  in a word: horrible.  in two words: horrendously horrible.  you get the picture.  just like everything else that gets lost in translation, i don’t think the rich urbanites of seoul, korea ever understood the true roots of hip hop…which leads to hilariously inappropriate “rap” songs with crowds of koreans dropping the “n” word like it’s nothing but a g-thang.  baby.

here’s another example.  a rap song called “street life.”  what comes to mind?  gritty, dangerous streets.  some young hustler trying to make a buck, trying to get to tomorrow, beating the odds and making it big.  your imagination will turn into reality when you see the music video for arguably one of the greatest rap songs ever.

call it “street life” instead of “shook ones” and nothing will really miss a beat (except the chorus would be a little weird).  this is, afterall, what we think when we hear “street life.”

but call a korean rap song “street life” and you get…

…wait for it…


or maybe it’s just a postmodern interpretation of rap music, juxtaposing the sacred with something completely unrelated to make some new, bizzaro creation that transcends past boundaries.  or worldviews.

either way, the only redeeming factor of the above song is the fact that dee brown’s illinois jersey makes an appearance.  besides that, it’s just a bunch of dudes dressed like thugs but not knowing why thugs dress like thugs but figuring that’s irrelevant while proceeding to butcher the very genre that is providing them the rollerblades they so proudly use in their life on the streets.  fortunately enough absolute truth remains to realize when things absolutely do not make sense.

there is, however, a solution.  and it does, [not?] surprisingly, come from korea.

listen to k-pop.

problem solved 😀



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if you had to use the word “gay” instead of “busy” i bet everyone would stop bragging about how busy they are.


funny quote

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me: what kind of movies do you like?
friend: romantic comedies.  that’s, like, my genre
me: oh, can’t say i’m too big a fan.  i liked 500 days of summer though
friend: oh, i hated that one.
me: why?  it’s a romantic comedy
friend: movies are supposed to be an escape from my life, not something that reminds me of mine.


stop copying apple

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whenever apple makes a product, its competitors shift to address the threat and make the next ipod/iphone/iwhatever killer.

when apple got into the mp3 player industry, they made the ipod.  they didn’t try and beat what archos had, they didn’t try to beat what creative had, they made the ipod.

unless you create, you will never be great.



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is not where you’re going but knowing the One who’s taking you there.