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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Posted in Uncategorized by starvingsteve on October 14, 2010

Over the years I’ve accumulated a plethora of health and wellness information. I know how to work out about as efficiently as possible, what foods people say you shouldn’t eat but you should, foods people say you should eat but shouldn’t. Basically, I know how to be the healthiest person ever, but instead I’m somewhere between mildly overweight and a bedridden slog.

Trying to overcome this, I’ve decided to put some knowledge to the test and eat healthy and add in some exercise. I’ve picked up running again (my shoulder is going to make me stop very soon though), and I’ve started eating better. Most of it revolves around keeping my insulin levels low, and so far it’s working great. My breakfast is some type of smoothie (today was banana, almond milk, and natural peanut butter), snacked on an apple, and I’m eating my salad right now (lots of spinach, half a can of beans (rinsed), a grilled chicken breast, olive oil, salt, pepper). I don’t feel bloated after this meal and there’s no food coma either. It’s pretty tasty and it’s pretty healthy even though the ingredients are all cheap and readily found in your local area megamart (Jewel, in my case). Including chicken breasts (holy cow they’re expensive), my total cost works out to around $2 a meal. Not bad at all.

However, sometimes after work, there’s a Whole Foods right down the street. Yes, Whole Foods, the hipster haven of alleged health and wellness. So sometimes just to destress, I’ll grab a slice of pizza and a can of soda and get some reading done. I avoid rush hour traffic and I like the environment. The problem? Crap is crap regardless of where you buy it. So after a day of my body’s blood sugar levels staying relatively low, I’m hit with the biological equivalent of a haymaker. After eating this, I have almost fallen asleep at the wheel and once had to stop at an oasis to nap so I could make it home safely (the oasis was 5 minutes from my house, that’s how scared I was of dying).

What you eat is just as important as where you get it from.


What’s My Age Again?

Posted in Uncategorized by starvingsteve on October 5, 2010

This 4th grader at church uses a cassette tape container to protect her iPod. Y’all remember these?

So I had this conversation with her:

Me: You know, those things used to hold cassettes? They held like an hour of audio on each side. Now you put an iPod with like 10,000 songs in there. Crazy, right?
Her: What’s a cassette?

Oh my…

In other news, my uncle pity hired me so I now have about a daily two hour commute to and from the city. How will I pass this time? Well, faithful Leah (my beautiful car) used to have a cassette adapter where I would hook up my mp3 player or phone and rock out to some kpop while driving. After a while (she must not like kpop), she refused to eject or play the cassette adapter so I switched to the radio. The problem is, I hate commercials and American pop music makes me want to play in traffic so I started listening to my mp3 player with my headphones. The problem with this is that I stop paying attention to anything…especially the road or that I made 5 lane changes in about a minute and did all that in front of a police car (if you want to almost vomit because of a piece of paper, I highly suggest getting a $200 ticket). So I ditched the headphones and started listening to public radio.

Public radio is great! (I really have to be careful to make sure I spell public with an “l” as spellcheck will not catch it if I don’t.) But public radio is like everything I want when it comes to staying informed. Short headlines, little commentary and fun segments where they interview cool people. Unfortunately, I realized that they really only play the news as I go to work, and coming back from work, they basically review the same stories. So a new solution is in order.

There’s been two things I’ve been trying to learn lately: car repair and Korean. So I figured to combine the two and buy a car stereo to install and get an audio Korean course to listen to while I drive (that CD player is only $65…bargain hunting is where it’s at!).

+ = (hopefully) one very enlightened Steve.

There’s also the fact that my uncle runs an accounting firm whose client base is almost exclusively first generation Koreans. I can’t even answer the phone properly in Korean much less say “can you check your records to see if this check cleared?” I feel like I’m about to ruin the financial lives of some people completely on accident 😛

Relatively Certain

Posted in Uncategorized by starvingsteve on October 3, 2010

The man that talked about finding freedom in your mind is the ultimate way to advancement and enlightenment hung himself.

A nihilist wrote a 1,905 page book on nihilism then calmly shot himself in public.

The irony would be funny if the situation wasn’t so morbid.