starving for substance

The part where I pretend I’m not self-absorbed (a.k.a. an introduction)

Hi, I’m Steve. I’m going to try and make this an accurate representation of who I am in real life but, unfortunately, toned abs and ruggedly handsome features are rather hard to convey in type.

I used to like writing and all that stuff before the University of Illinois’ accounting department crushed the dream, then dropped an anvil on it to make sure it was dead, then hammered a titanium spike into just to be sure. Then they spit on it a couple times.

So I’m back, trying to find some voice, trying to figure out how this thing is done. Yoda would have a fit at this.

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  1. pjong said, on January 19, 2010 at 2:14 am

    mexico? mexico!

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